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Such a beautiful disaster

Icons, icons, icons...

Kel's Icons
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Welcome to assumed_alias, the icon journal for Kel jaguar83. Here you'll find all of my icons and if I ever branch out into anything else, I'll post it here too!
My main fandoms are Buffy, Angel, Firefly/Serenity, Alias and Harry Potter. I dabble in Lost, Desperate Housewives, Anita Blake and er.

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I couldn't make icons with all of the resources that I use. Thanks to everyone who's made things for Photoshop/made screencaps/made tutorials. You all rock!

Brushes and gradients
_coquettish, _hakanaidreams, alaskanicons, braggadocio_org, colorfilter, crumblingwalls, detoxcocktails, dj43, dtissagirl, filipinoz_rule, haligh, lasciviae, propaganda_live, quebelly, radon_, roostersgrrl, serendipitysho, teh_indy, wickedripeplum, wizzicons, wound3d, amethystia, asya_17, _iconographer, anoldloveletter, ohfreckle, my_givenchy, 77words.

Stock images
awmp, colorfilter, Getty Images.

dafont, dsg4.

If you see me using one of your brushes and I haven't credited you then I'm so sorry, but I've forgotten! Please comment and I'll add you here asap.

Buffy and Angel
Angel Screenshots, Buffy Screenshots, Freezeframe--Belonging--CHaos--Darkness Falls--Fix Me--LIFE and DEATH--The Hardest Thing--where'd she go?--To Shanshu In LA--Get the Hell Out--FIVE BY FIVE--One In A Million--.baby.boy.--screencap paradise-last moments of innocence-excessive not studying-bobbing for apples-Beautiful Freak.
Harry Potter
HP Lexicon, Outnow, teh_indy.
firefly_daily, Firefly Chinese, naughtyelf, shibaiko.

Image hosting by Photobucket
I make icons for others to use them- all I ask is that you
a) don't claim them as your own
b) don't hotlink me
c) credit me if you like
d) comment like woah
e) and nominate me if you like any of them!

I participate in loads of icon communities, too many to list here! I'm also taking part in some LIMS competitions, I'll keep you updated here.
I run lilah_stillness, all about the character Lilah Morgan from Angel. I co-run cordy_stillness with absentego, which is all about Cordelia Chase of Buffy and Angel fame.

And finally...
Please friend this journal if you'd like to keep up with my icon posts. Thanks to everyone on my friends list who helped me come up with this journal, and especially to neo_prodigy for giving a suggestion that eventually led to its name.